Best Cable Modem Router Combo Reviews

Living without a proper connection to the internet may be a nightmare for many people. This is because in a world full of Snapchat, Instagram and WhatsApp, it is hard to digest the feeling of being virtually disconnected from the world. When you throw in the fact that now you rely on the internet to stream movies and shows, the urgency of having a sound internet connection and speed becomes more evident than before.

Many of us choose to rely on broadband packages to make sure we are provided with a high-speed net at all times. However, as the world is progressing, there has been a shift toward opting for your own cable modem router rather than using the expensive equipment given by providers. This change has mainly been witnessed due to the desire of users for a fast yet cost-effective internet connection.

The cable modems available in the market allow users to have an internet connection that keeps up with their demands of online shopping, streaming and social media surfing, regardless of where you are. These applications require more bandwidth and better speed as well as the flexibility of placement. Cable modems allow you to enjoy high speed along with a seamless connection to all of your devices ranging from your tablets to your smartphones.

Choose the Best Cable Modem Router

You might wonder, amidst a variety of choices, how can you decide which product is the best? Well, various factors should go into the decision.

You need to begin by analyzing your internet usage. After all, the best modem router for you would be the one that can keep up with your internet use. For instance, if you stay connected to the web 24/7, you will need a router which is durable enough to offer such a service.

Also, ensure that the router you end up choosing is equipped to support your ISP. Finding out this information will be quite easy if you decide to read the official website of the product’s brand. Do your research to make sure you don’t end up with a router which doesn’t work with your provider.

Furthermore, since every router is accompanied by a maximum upload and download speed, you should analyze your needs and pick a product which provides you with satisfactory speed limits. While you are at it, make sure that the signals given by the router are reliable enough to guarantee a smooth connection. This feature should remain intact regardless of where you place the modem.

Top 9 Cable Modem Router Combos

Are you overwhelmed with the decision of picking the best cable modem router combo? Here are some of the best router combos which are offered in 2017. You can weigh the features and the pros and cons to select the one you like the best.


ARRIS SURFboard SBG6782-AC DOCSIS 3.0 AC1750

High speed and high performance – what else can one want? If your desires regarding your cable modem router are limited to enhanced speed and durability, you will appreciate this product for its value-added features.

Enhanced Compatibility

One of the major concerns of users when opting for a router is whether or not it will be compatible with their ISP. You can find the perfect router only to discover that it does not support your provider. This product succeeds in not being one such router as it is compatible with an array of providers including Comcast, Time Warner, Charter, and Cox.

Fast Speed

A universal feature which all users require from their routers is high speed. After all, what good is a modem if it is too slow for you to enjoy buffer-free streaming? And is it worth it if its Wi-Fi connectivity is sub-par? With the help of this product, users have been able to avoid pondering about such questions. This is because the router offers a high download speed of 1.4 Gbps and a Wi-Fi speed of 1750 Mbps.


  • It has the latest DOCSIS 3.0 security feature which makes sure that your internet connection is secure.
  • A two-year warranty accompanies the product which makes the router cost-effective.
  • It allows for simultaneous streaming of videos on various devices.
  • It supports IPv4 and IPv6.


  • The high speed allows customers to enjoy blazing fast internet.
  • The customer service is commendable which makes it a convenient choice for many.
  • The Ethernet ports allow for improved routing capabilities.


  • The LED included in the modem is too bright.


Motorola MG7550 Cable Modem AC1900

This product succeeds in offering users the complete package through its ability to handle both modem and router duties flawlessly. This feature makes the product a cheaper option than renting a modem from your provider.

Easy to Use

Many of us find the act of waiting for the ISP to navigate to the modem’s gateway a long and irritating process. However, this product greatly simplifies the task of operating the modem. The process of contacting providers has also been made easy through the fact that Motorola lists the contact numbers of providers along with instructions in the setup guide.

Integrated Design

Rather than having a separate modem and router on your desk, you can make use of the space effectively if you end up choosing this product. This is because the manufacturers of this combo product have integrated the cable modem into the router in a vertical design. This feature helps customers have more space, while the design makes sure that the modem router stays cool.


  • It has DOCSIS 3.0 security and a built-in Wi-Fi router.
  • It is accompanied by four Ethernet ports and a firewall.
  • It is compatible with an array of service providers ranging from Comcast to Cox.
  • The router can provide an internet connection to wireless devices like game stations, smartphones, and tablets.


  • It provides excellent value for money.
  • The easy setup of the product makes it a layman’s job.
  • The high speed and bandwidth offered allow for satisfactory streaming.


  • Some have reported that the wireless signals are not reliable.


NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900

With 24 downstream channels backing it up, it comes as no surprise that this modem router has managed to satisfy the masses.

Excellent Hardware

The modem router has outstripped its previous model when it comes to hardware and features. The Wi-Fi speed is exemplary which can go up to 600 Mbps on 2.4 GHz bandwidth. The dual-core CPU is equipped with 128 GB of storage space and 256 MB of RAM, which will be enough to provide you with a smooth and consistent performance.

New QoS

The product is equipped with a new quality of service feature which provides users with the autonomy of managing both upstream and downstream. This feature is different from the usual only-upstream option available in the other modems. The fact that customization features further accompany it allow you to prioritize the internet for your chosen applications.


  • The offered speeds are 600 and 1300 Mbps.
  • The product provides coverage throughout your house regardless of how big it is.
  • It has one USB 3.0 port and 2.0 port which provide easy access to stored media files.
  • The dashboard of the Genie App is easy to use.
  • The 1 GHz dual processor provides wireless, wired and WAN-to-LAN services.


  • The performance on the 5 GHz band is excellent.
  • The price of the router is quite affordable.
  • It offers an extensive coverage which makes it an ideal wireless connection device.


  • It is too bulky and, therefore, takes too much space.
  • The speed is slower than competing products.



NETGEAR is known to provide quality modem router combos, and the N300 upholds this legacy while maintaining an affordable cost.

Excellent Design

Those of you who are looking for a router which features superior performance as well as pleasing aesthetics will be satisfied with the design of this product. The sleek casing of the product gives it a sophisticated look, while the vertical stand design allows it to take up less space.

Fast Downloads

Whether it be videos or games, this product can download it all at a fast rate of 300 Mbps. Since the primary function of a router modem combo is to give users fast performance, many have lauded this device for its ability to do so. Therefore, if you are looking for a tool to enhance the speed of your internet, this product may be a worthy choice.


  • It supports Windows 8.
  • It is backed by the NETGEAR app which is easy to use and monitor.
  • The live parental control feature provides you with the autonomy of centrally managing all the devices.
  • It is equipped with wireless security for a secure and safe connection.
  • A lifetime warranty accompanies the product.


  • It features an excellent range.
  • The parental control feature is free and provides control over the net that parents crave.
  • It is affordable.
  • The offered speeds are exemplary.


  • It does not have a dual-band.
  • It lacks guest wireless features as well as USB ports.
  • The interface is quite sluggish.



Those who require a dual band in their modem routers along with efficient performance would want to give this product a try.

Dual-Band Router

One of the major flaws of many NETGEAR routers is the lack of a dual-band feature in them. However, the N600 serves to be the exception to this shortcoming. The inclusion of this feature means that the router can simultaneously broadcast Wireless-N signals on two bandwidths, namely 2.4 and 5 GHz.

Traffic Meter

Another value-added feature of the modem router is the traffic meter which provides users with the power to control the bandwidth of the router. Therefore, you can choose to control how much data is downloaded by the router by setting it to disconnect after a certain limit is crossed.


  • The Wi-Fi speed delivered is 300 Mbps.
  • The range of the Wi-Fi is perfect for large houses.
  • The NETGEAR app allows for ease of installation.
  • It supports Windows 8.


  • It has a long range.
  • Its wireless performance is satisfactory.
  • It has a USB network hard drive support which allows for convenient network storage.
  • The design is stylish and, therefore, serves to be a great addition to your room décor.


  • It does not offer Gigabit Ethernet.


Actiontec 300

This device serves to be a primary product accompanied with all the current specifications. If you like to stick to the roots while enjoying the benefits of the new technologies, this might be the ideal product for you.

Easy Setup

A simple yet value-added feature offered by this product lies in the fact that it is preconfigured. This characteristic makes setting up the device a piece of cake. The task is further made simple through the auto-detection feature which allows the device to detect the settings of your service.

A Variety of Encryptions

No one wishes to be subjected to the prying eyes of hackers and third-parties. The more the world has become technologized, the more paranoid we have become about our privacy and safety. The manufacturers of this router understand this and, therefore, have equipped the product with a variety of protections and encryptions.


  • While it is compatible with major DSL service providers, the device is not supported by Cox, Comcast, Time Warner, and Charter.
  • The package includes an ADSL modem, a router, and a four-port switch.
  • It features high-grade firewalls and parental controls.


  • It blends the features of a traditional and modern router.
  • The security functions are quite advanced, thereby ensuring a secure experience.
  • The price of the product is low.


  • It does not have a USB socket.


ARRIS SURFboard SBG6580-2

High compatibility. Durability. Excellent performance. This product has it all and is the complete package many are looking for.

Perfect for Residential Homes

It is quite infuriating when you can’t access the internet through the Wi-Fi from all parts of your home. This modem makes sure that such a situation never arises by offering 2500 sq. ft. of coverage. This feature lets you govern where you wish to use the internet rather than making the device limit your options.

Extended Warranty

Nothing vouches for the durability of a product than an extended guarantee by the manufacturers. This product is equipped with one such warranty and is likely to ensure that your unnecessary trips to the gadget market for new modems are limited.


  • It is available in black and white color.
  • It is compatible with Time Warner Cable, Cox, Charter, and Comcast Xfinity but cannot work with Verizon, AT&T, and CenturyLink.
  • It features eight download channels along with four upload platforms.
  • It supports IPv4 and 6.


  • It offers eight fast download channels which allow for a powerful downloading experience.
  • It has an enhanced durability.
  • The setup is simple.


  • It may require frequent restarting if the product starts lagging.

TP-Link N300

This is a stylish modem router which gets the job done. What more can one want? It is marked at a low price which makes it a budget-friendly option for many.

Compact Size

Commonly, modem routers are quite large and need proper desk space for placement. Well, this product does not require such special treatment. This is achieved through the miniature size of the product which ensures that it takes up less space. This is further enhanced by the fact that the device features a wall-mount design, thereby rendering the need of a desk unnecessary.

High Coverage

While some TP-Link products may have failed to provide customers with excellent coverage, this product has proved to be an exception. This is ensured by the range extender mode of the N300. The method makes sure that the areas which are hard to wire and unreachable can also benefit from internet access.


  • The coverage is expandable via a push of a button.
  • It includes an Ethernet port, so this product can function as a wireless adaptor.
  • The Tether app included allows users to manage the device through their phones.
  • It includes an LED control function which turns off the LED at night for a good night’s sleep.


  • The product is aesthetically pleasing to look at.
  • It offers a high coverage range, leading to a superior Wi-Fi performance.
  • The price is meager.


  • The web interface needs improvement since it cannot distinguish between connected computers.


Zoom 5363 AC1900

Are you looking for reliability and range? If so, this product might be just what you need. With a wide variety of features backing it up, you are bound to be satisfied.

Parental Control

Do you want to make sure your children don’t visit age-inappropriate sites? Would you rather block such platforms rather than take a risk? You can do so with the help of this device’s parental controls. This feature allows parents to decide which sites to enable access to and which to block, thereby encouraging safe surfing.

High Download Speed

The technical features of this product are such that they allow for a high-speed performance. It can provide a speed of 343 Mbps. You can enjoy high download and upload speeds even if your internet service has a low rate. This enhanced rate allows for a satisfactory performance of the modem router.


  • It has three dual-band antennas and a secure DOCSIS feature.
  • The router has four GigE ports.
  • It features an advanced firewall.
  • It can be used with Comcast Xfinity, Time Warner Cable, and Bright House.
  • It has eight downstream channels.


  • It is reasonably priced.
  • It has an all-in-one package.
  • It features QAM support.


  • The build quality is poor.
  • The performance of the router can be improved.
  • The setup process is too much of a hassle.



While all the products serve to be great in one way or another, we find the NETGEAR N600 to be the best all-rounder. This is because it manages to offer unique features like a traffic meter, which adds to the convenience of the users, while its reasonable price helps its case as well.

When it comes to gaming, the NETGEAR NC1900 is the best modem due to its high speed and lack of lag.

Another NETGEAR product succeeds in being the best wireless modem out there. The N300 feature coverage which is bound to leave all satisfied.

Moreover, those looking for a budget-friendly option may want to try the TP-Link N300 as it will prove to be both cheap and perfect for streaming videos and surfing the net.

The decision of choosing the best cable modem router is yours. Your choice may be different from ours based on your needs and preferences. At the end of the day, make sure you pick a product you are satisfied with.